Writing Office for Students: Privacy Folders for the Classroom with Literacy and Math Reference Tools

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This writing office for students will help your class stay focused, keep their eyes on their own work, and put tons of useful math, writing, and literacy information at their fingertips! These also serve as excellent privacy folders for classroom testing times. 

It’s a writing folder, privacy folder, nameplate, and even a sneeze guard and social distancing tool, all in one! :)

Simply print the writing and math reference pages and attach them to manila or colored file folders, and you'll have an easy writing office for students to use at their desks.

Topics included:

  • name writing
  • color words
  • 2D and 3D shapes
  • alphabet letters and sounds (2 style options)
  • personal word wall (3 print & go styles, plus one you can add your own words to in Google Slides)
  • writing topic ideas for narrative, how-to, and persuasive ($9 value for this alone!)
  • left/right
  • 120 number chart
  • ten frames, tally marks, and number words from 0-10
  • number line from 0-20
  • months of the year
  • days of the week
  • 12 popular feeling words (with emojis!)
  • weather words

This writing office for students is VERY EASY to assemble! 

Just add 2 plain, cheap, manilla file folders for each office. Directions and tips are included to make it extra simple and quick for you.


Several options are included:

Color AND Black and White Options: included for alphabet charts, word wall, and writing topic pages.

Text Style Options: D'Nealian and traditional print styles are included for alphabet charts, and word wall pages.

Cover Options: My Office, My Preschool Office, My First Grade Office, My Second Grade Office, My Third Grade Office. You can also skip these entirely and just type and print the student's name and add a photo (or whatever you want!). If you're wearing masks to school, it might be especially sweet to include a mask-less picture of the child on the front. :)


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