Writing at Home : Tips & Tricks for Parents & Families Handout

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This two-page handout is packed with EVERYTHING you want families & learning partners to know about supporting their child's writing at home! It's based on 20 years of K/1 teaching experience : all the most popular questions I've heard from families, all the mistakes I've seen them make (like spelling and correcting everything for their child!) and what we teachers know young writers need.


  • An AMAZING page with photos of lots of REAL-LIFE K-1 examples and descriptions to show and help families truly understand the writing stages children progress through.
  • A simple, easy to read T-chart about what we want them to DO and NOT DO at home (like DO praise their hard work, ask thoughtful questions, and encourage their independence... and DON'T spell words for them, tell them about all their mistakes, or try to rush them through the writing stages)
  • The answer to the #1 most popular question at K/1 conferences: How concerned should I be with letter and number reversals?
  • Tips & tricks on how to encourage brave spelling and help children s-t-r-e-t-c-h out words and hear the sounds in them
  • Tips & tricks for what to do instead of spelling words for them
  • Info on how to ask helpful guiding questions and let the CHILD do the hard work rather than feeding them answers
  • A detailed list of 10 great ideas for how to make writing fun and relevant at home

Perfect for conferences, distance learning, when you send home books to read, or ANYTIME!

This page isn't editable, but if there's anything you want to add, you can make another page and include that as well for your families.

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