Wear, Say, Learn Badge Cards for Letters, Sounds, Sight Words, Numbers, Shapes

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These cards are designed to fit perfectly into a clear name badge pocket and be worn around school by teachers (and/or students!). The idea is that you can fill the badge holder with a letter, sight word, number, shape, math fact, etc that students need extra practice with and as they see and say these things, they’ll learn them quickly in a fun, new way!

This resource includes over 100 pages of print-and-go cards so you don’t have to spend valuable time making cards or thinking about what to include. Check out the video preview to see all of the pages!

Cards included:

⭐Alphabet for teaching letter ID and/or letter sounds (in 2 handwriting styles with single letters or capital and lowercase together)

⭐Sight words (3 popular lists: _olch, _ry, CCC)

⭐Sounds (sh, th, ch, wh, ing, ou/ow, er/ir/ur, au/aw, oi/oy)

⭐Numbers from 1 – 135

⭐2D and 3D shapes

⭐Ten Frames from 1 - 20

⭐Addition Equations from 0 + 0 to 10 + 9

⭐Subtraction within 10

⭐Multiplication facts from 0 x 0 to 10 x 9

Ideas for implementation: (just to name a few- there’s no wrong way to use these!):

❤️Teachers can wear a badge holder clipped near the neck of their shirt over distance learning or face-to-face learning as long as kids can see it.

❤️Instead of calling the teacher by their name, they can call them by whatever it says on their badge. Teachers can change what’s in the badge daily.

❤️Have students read the teacher’s badge as they enter or exit the classroom (face-to-face) or before/after a break (online).

❤️If you're teaching in person and have enough badge holders, students can wear them, too… and you can use them for a special greeting or as fun “names” for the day.

❤️Just refer to the badge throughout the day.