WANTED Posters/ Writing! @ conferences , hallway , open house , adjectives

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This project makes an awesome hallway or bulletin board display! You could use it at the beginning of the year, at open house or conferences, after a lesson about adjectives, or anytime!!

******UPDATED to include the British English spelling of favourite ....and ALSO includes a wonderful A-Z list of positive adjectives you could use to describe the kids (optional to do that with this project). :) ************

See how this project turned out in my class! ADORABLE!

Other teachers say: 

"I used this for open house. It was a hit--- the parents loved seeing their child's creation!" 

"I loved this activity and so did my students! Thank you!"


This packet includes directions, examples, writing pages for boys and girls, and the picture page with the hat already drawn. This project is so easy and turns out adorable!

It’s perfect for any time of year, but especially fun at open house or conferences when you want things to look extra cute. :)

Start by having kids fill in the writing frames. In the box on top, they should write their name OR even better- their 1st name accompanied by a NICE adjective (extra fun if it starts with the same letter as their name, but not necessary)… like I might be Kind Katie. 

Next, guide them through a drawing of the face. Teach them how to draw a simple bubble letter of their 1st initial on the hat, what size to make the head so it lines up with the hat, how to add all the details of the face, and finally add the neck, shoulders, and hair. I like to go slowly and carefully. Fast finishers in between steps can begin coloring their border. I like to start with light pencil, trace with black flair pens (if you have them) and finish it off with crayons. 

Mount the picture on a full size sheet of brown construction paper and rip the edges to give it an old west feel. 

Have fun roundin’ up those awesome kids! Yee-haw!