Visual Directions and Schedule BUNDLE! Get yourself & your class ORGANIZED!

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This is an awesome money-saving bundle of two top-selling resources thousands of teachers are using EVERY SINGLE DAY to make their classrooms and teaching more efficient and organized! Don't miss out! Grab these today!

Visual Direction Cards - Description

Tired of spending valuable time reminding students what to do next for the ump-teenth time? :) Want a simple way to make your teaching more efficient and effective? You need these visual direction cards! Tons of options are included (as well as an editable version so you can make your own!) to make sure you have EVERYTHING you'll want.

Just print, cut out, and start using them today as visual cues to accompany directions you display for your students. After learning about the power of visual directions, I created these and started using them several years ago... LOVE, LOVE, LOVE. I don't know what I ever did without them!

I use mine so often that I've laminated them and stuck magnetic tape on the back so I'm able to quickly stick them on my white board. Then as I'm giving directions, I just stick the cards up and everyone knows exactly what to do. If they forget, they know where to look- it's all there!

Research proves that visual directions with pictures increase the clarity of the message AND double the length of the receiver's memory.

If you post directions visually in the room, kids can learn to look there rather than asking you to remind them what to do next! This simple move makes your students more confident AND frees you up for more important things! Win-win!

Visual Schedule Cards - Description

Kids love knowing what their school day will hold and this set makes it SIMPLE for you to show them! If you're looking for clean, simple, easy to read, tons of options with the HOTTEST styles of clipart, this set is for you!