Valentines Day : My Amazing Heart Science Research, Health & Literacy All-in-One

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The perfect addition to your Valentines Day party, an interactive health or science lesson... or any time! Walk students through one section of the worksheet at a a time. They get to flex their writing & literacy skills as they fill in some blanks, learn lots and even do a hand-on (NO prep!) experiment!

They’ll learn all kinds of fun facts about the human heart like:

• How many times a day their heart beats

• How big their heart is, how much it weighs, and where it is

• How to keep their heart happy & healthy

• How to find their pulse

• What happens to their heart rate when they exercise

An answer key is included for you.

You also get a Google Slides link with some great video links and an anticipatory set of questions that you can show them BEFORE you learn to see how much they know, and again AFTER to show themselves how much they’ve learned. You're all going to love this lesson!