Animal Research Project Bundle for Kindergarten-1st Grade: Spiders, Penguins, Sharks, Lions, Dogs, & more

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Get ready because your kids are going to LOVE these primary-appropriate animal research projects! :) You'll love the quick, daily writing practice they get with beginning and ending sounds, blends, digraphs, & sight words... all "cleverly disguised" as an engaging animal research project. They're unlike anything else out there in the way the integrate multiple subjects and come with amazing video clips that make the day's learning come to life (more details below).

THE BUNDLE: This resource is a growing bundle. It currently includes EVERY animal research project I have created... and it will also include every one I create in the future! Every time I add a new animal, the price will rise. The beauty of buying this bundle NOW though is that you will get every single new addition for FREE. It's like a lifetime membership!

Current Animal Research Projects You Get Right NOW:

  1. Sharks
  2. Penguins
  3. Polar Bears
  4. Lions
  5. Hippos
  6. Elephants
  7. Pandas
  8. Gorillas
  9. Giraffes
  10. Rhinos
  11. Zebras
  12. Bats
  13. Spiders
  14. Reindeer
  15. Groundhogs
  16. Owls
  17. Turkeys
  18. Butterflies
  19. Dogs
  20. Whales
  21. Dolphins
  22. Bees
  23. Rabbits
  24. Frogs

Future Animals You'll Get for FREE:

  1. Cats
  2. Bald Eagles
  3. Black Bears

... and hopefully more surprises (like I'd love to do insects, sea turtles, ...the list could go on and on!)




Every animal research project includes:

  • a print-and-go PDF file so you can make a packet for each of your students
  • an answer key and teaching tips
  • the Google Slides edition of this resource
  • links to 9-16 coordinating video clips that make every lesson come ALIVE! More details below.

Check out the shark animal research project for an example of what each project contains!

I like to work through the animal research project packet by doing one page a day together. The first page is a diagram (complete with fabulous facts about each part). You'll guide students to learn what the part is called, think about how to write it (model), give them time to write it, and then move on to the next blank. Other pages include: habitat, food, babies, and fun facts. Each page includes about 10 blanks where students will have to (with your guidance) fill in things like: missing letter sounds (beginning and ending), simple sight words, blends, digraphs, or numbers. It's all very AUTHENTIC and IN-CONTEXT, which makes it more MEANINGFUL and FUN for everyone!!!


PLUS... you also get:

⭐️ A BIG collection of totally teacher-approved, embedded and easy-to-view YouTube video clips (most are about 30 seconds to 4 min- perfect for little attention spans) that make what your students learned about each day COME TO LIFE! This is everyone's favorite part. (and you can give this experience to your students without having to spend your precious teacher time surfing the internet for clips that are appropriate and interesting- it really does take HOURS and I gotcha covered! There are SO MANY AMAZING vids linked in the Google Slides show you receive!).

By the end of the 5 days, your little learners will have gained lots of great literacy practice and they'll feel like proud little animal experts! Chances are good YOU will have even learned some cool new info as well (I know I learned a lot researching and creating this project! Animals are fascinating! I worked hard to pull out truly interesting facts and not just the basic blah blah blah). :)

My teacher friends and I like to study a new animal every week with our classes. At the end of last school year as my class was reminiscing about all their favorite things we learned during the year, the first things the named were EVERY ANIMAL we studied... I was shocked! It affirmed for me how memorable and powerful these research projects are. ❤️ They don't take a ton of time (~10-15 minutes per day is all!) and the kids LOVE them.

Thanks for stopping by! ENJOY this resource, follow my store if you ❤️ it, and have a beautiful school year!