The Mitten : The BUNDLE : 17 Awesome Resources in 1 : DAYS of FUN & Learning!

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You could use any of the pages as stand alone lessons or activities, or you could make at least 10 of them into a handy “packet” kids can work through over the course of a couple days.


Those pages include:

JOURNAL COVER: A beautiful way to get organized. Kids will enjoy coloring this in their spare time.

SIGHT WORDS: ”Roll, Write, and Race” game

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VOCABULARY & INFERRING: Wonderful Words & Wonderings page with real photos and meaningful (yet uncomplicated) questions to work through as a whole class or small group

SEQUENCING: Story Sequencing Flow Map: beginning, middle, and end

STORY MAP: Characters, Setting, Problem, Solution and reader reaction to the book using fun emojis

MATH: GRAPHING, RECORDING & READING SIMPLE DATA: an interactive survey project: kids ask 10 friends to answer a given question

MATH: COUNTING: Cover the Mitten Partner Game

MATH: ADDITION TO 12: Race to Capture the Mittens Partner Game

WORD SEARCH: 25 Mitten-themed words included in a simple, clear format

WRITING: favorite Winter activity prompt with space for picture and words


You also get detailed, helpful instructions and print-and-go pages for these additional mitten-themed activities:

RETELLING: Props for retelling the story, BOTH individually and whole group (big mitten to glue on a lunch sack, page of animals to color- labeled with the animal name and # they entered the mitten, optional song to display and sing while retelling, big colorful animal cards and instructions for many ways the story could be retold whole group)

CREATIVE ART: An interactive, creative class book called, “The Lost Mitten”

WHOLE GROUP GAMES: Directions for two VERY FUN, zero-prep games kids love. Everyone works together and there’s not just one winner/loser so it’s “friendly and safe” for kids/classes who may struggle with those concepts.

FINGER PLAYS: 2 that include words and colorful graphics to display, along with simple-to-follow movement directions

EMERGENT READER BOOK: A quick-to-print 14-page version of The Mitten (estimated DRA level is A or B) perfect for reading together, with a friend, putting in book boxes, and/or sending home to read to families


These resources are identical to the ones found in my NEWLY UPDATED Sub Plans resource that goes along with The Mitten. The sub plans version includes a few more pages of notes and incentives that make the resource more sub-friendly.