The Mitten : Math Fun! 3 Great Winter / Mitten Themed Games!

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This resource includes three awesome games that would be perfect for your K-1 classroom anytime during Winter or when you read The Mitten by Jan Brett.


They cover these skills:


  • GRAPHING, RECORDING & READING DATA: an interactive survey project. Kids ask 10 friends to answer a given question. They record the answers and interpret the findings.


  • COUNTING: Cover the Mitten Partner Game. Kids share a game board. They roll a die and color in that many spaces. At the end, they each count up how many spaces they've filled. The player who colored the most, wins!


  • ADDITION TO 12: Race to Capture the Mittens Partner Game. Kids roll 2 dice and color in the sum of their roll. The game progresses until the third time anyone rolls a given number and they capture the mitten from the middle. It's VERY fun. Keep playing until all the mittens have been captured. The player who won the most mittens, wins the game!


These games are also PERFECT for leaving with a sub. In fact, they're all included in a best-selling resource filled with several days of sub plans to go with The Mitten!