The Mitten : Literacy Fun! Awesome Winter / Mitten Themed Lessons & Activities!

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This resource includes several awesome activities that would be perfect for your K-1 classroom anytime during Winter or when you read The Mitten by Jan Brett.


You could use any of the pages as stand alone lessons / activities, or you could make them into a handy “packet” kids can work through over the course of a couple days.




JOURNAL COVER: A beautiful way to get organized. Kids will enjoy coloring this in their spare time.

SIGHT WORDS: ”Roll, Write, and Race” game

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VOCABULARY & INFERRING: Wonderful Words & Wonderings page with real photos and meaningful (yet uncomplicated) questions

SEQUENCING: Story Sequencing Flow Map

STORY MAP: Characters, Setting, Problem, Solution and reader reaction to the book using emojis

WORD SEARCH: 25 mitten-themed words included in a simple, clear format

 WRITING: favorite Winter activity prompt with space for picture and words

CREATIVE ART: an interactive, creative class book called, “The Lost Mitten”


These activities are also PERFECT for leaving with a sub. In fact, they're all included in a best-selling resource filled with several days of sub plans to go with The Mitten!