THANK YOU note! Fill in the blank...perfect for K-1! Parents, Volunteers, etc!

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This file is the perfect way to make someone's day in a really big way! 

Parents, volunteers, paraprofessionals, teachers, special helpers, school workers, friends... everyone loves a hand written, sweet note from a child! 

You could use this for so many occasions:

* to thank volunteers after a party or field trip

* to write to friend's around Valentine's Day

* for Mother's Day, Father's Day, Grandparent's Day

* for paraprofessional appreciation week

* for secretary appreciation day

* to thank school workers (custodians, cafeteria staff, principal, etc)

* at Thanksgiving time-- you could put this in a center and kids can write notes to anyone they want!

Thank you for looking! The end results of this project will be PRICELESS to the person who receives the notes. :)