Editable Super Star of the Week Pack

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Thank you for checking out this Super Star of the Week pack! 

Included here you will find: 

* 2 parent letter options to be sent home the week before a child is the Super Star of the Week: one is all ready to go for you… just print and use. Everything is really low maintenance and FUN! It’s a routine I’ve used and tweaked into perfection over the years. BUT if you want to change anything or add your own awesome twists, I’m also including an editable version. The graphics can’t be moved or changed, but the content of your parent letter and your weekly schedule can all be typed in by YOU! Use any of my words or start from scratch … I’ve included the text boxes for you to make it as easy as can be!

* 8 simple, yet interesting questions on cards for your Super Star to fill out ahead of time at home. Parents or kids can do the writing (I teach K so it could go either way for my class- you know your kids) and coloring is optional. They cut these apart (just slice down the center cause there are 2 on a page) and bring them to share on Monday. A blank paper is also included so you can add your own questions if you want!
*Finally, there is a poster you can send home with the Super Star on Friday. I’ve left a space where you could place a picture of them (4 x 6 or smaller should fit) and their classmates can all autograph the poster inside the rectangle. 

The rest of the routine I’m suggesting (but of course, can be edited by you) includes:

Monday: Share the special papers mom and dad helped them fill out (included). Papers include thoughts like: "My favorite book to curl up with is ________," "If I could eat one food every day it would be __________," "I had the best time of my life when ________," ...and 5 more!

Tuesday: Share their favorite picture book. I read it aloud to the class (but if your kids are older, it would be cool if they could read to the class?! Edit it if you want!)

Wednesday: Share a star talent! This is my favorite! It can be anything from dancing to hula hooping, instrument playing, sharing a trophy or piece of artwork, or if it’s something difficult to share in class, mom or dad can even post a short video online or send in a DVD (I’ve had kids do this for water skiing or snow skiing- very fun!!. It can also be really simple- one time I had a kid put his jacket on, crawl inside and zip it up and say “I’m a rock!” See? Anything goes! :)

Thursday: Share special family photos and talk about your family.

Friday: Present them with a special poster autographed by all the classmates (included). 

Have FUN! Super Star of the week is such a great way to get to know your kids! Love, Katie