Sub Plans! Print & GO! Awesome activities to accompany ANY ABC book!

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"I cannot wait to just use this in the classroom for myself, even if I am not absent!"

"Just purchased this set to use next week when I'm out. Can't wait. Activities are great and cover all subject areas!"

"I feel so much better knowing I have these great plans to use if I'm ever out unexpectedly. Thanks!"

This packet is designed to give you at least a day's worth of great learning activities that you can easily leave for a sub. It includes 9 unique, appealing, clearly explained activities that span across many subjects/skills: math, reading, writing, listening, art, teamwork, class books, and even a reward just for fun! 

There’s just so much to choose from here that once you add this to your usual routine (morning meeting, specials, recess, lunch, etc.), you’ll certainly have everything covered... AND, as a great bonus, most of the activities and games included here can double as independent work stations or games to use once you're back. Woo-hooo!

I’m even including an organized feedback sheet for your sub to fill out and a handy checklist so the sub can easily let you know what they had time for and didn’t do yet. No shuffling through things, trying to guess about what happened or what didn't. Being sick is hard enough-- don’t stress about being gone, don’t stress about coming back. :)


So here’s the plan: Can’t make it to school? Just email this file to a teacher friend who can print a copy for you and hand it to your sub. Or if you’re planning ahead (which I totally recommend if you have time- if not this year, do it for next year and save yourself some stress!), pop this baby in your “emergency sub folder” and it’ll be there when you need it. You or the sub will need to make a few photocopies (black and white is fine), but that’s all. No other materials (besides a book and basics like scissors, crayons, dice) are required. It’s really simple and super fun!

All the activities in this packet center around the ALPHABET! You don't NEED to find an alphabet book to accompany these, but if you have one or a few in your classroom, that would just add to the fun! :) Or your sub could easily get a stack of them from your school library or from another teacher. Even if kids have already heard these stories, they're favorites they’ll love to hear again and again. So just sit back & relax… Super Speedy Sub Plans has everything under control.

More details on what's included:

Writing and Subitizing/Math: Roll and Write... for every letter in both uppercase and lowercase, as well as a page for "kids choice!"

Teamwork/ Alphabetical Order: A to Z Speed Race Game

Math: Create Letters using Pattern Blocks and Pattern Block mats

Listening: Read a story or two (or more!)

Art/Class Book: Alphabet Quilt... each child designs a page

Letter Recognition: Letter Detective (find and color 7 of each letter on the paper. Each letter is in a different, yet readable font to help get kids used to seeing letters the way they look out in real-life- a great skill!) 

Reading: The Alphabet Song Book- complete with dots under the letters/words for kids to point to to learn the concept of 1-to-1

Listening/ Teamwork: "I Have, Who Has" game with the alphabet!

Reward/Fun: a super simple, effective plan to motivate kids to earn the chance to watch a video online (and instructions on how to find a TON of videos as long as you have access to a projector/computer)

Take care! Hope you can make it back to school soon!


To get even MORE organized, be sure to check out the brand new Totally EDITABLE, totally Awesome Sub Binder! It’s the perfect compliment to these plans you’re looking at. The Sub Binder gives you editable transportation lists, adorable name tags, class rosters, schedules, special needs at a glance, and info on everything from emergency procedures to classroom management and so much more. It also includes 6 pages of super detailed plans you could edit to make fit your classroom. Then when you add the AMAZING ACTIVITIES from the Sub Plans you’re looking at here, you are SET! Sub plans= DONE! You = HAPPY! ☺

If you like this idea, but want to cover yourself for more than a day and get more bang for your buck, and getting all set for the school year, check out the ULTIMATE "Prepped for the YEAR" Pack of Sub Plans! Positively Prepped For the YEAR Pack!!! It includes the plans seen here PLUS well over a week more of time-tested, teacher and student-approved plans that compliment other popular books! These are a huge stress-reducer and time-saver! An awesome gift to give yourself (and your students and sub)!

I've used them ALL in my classroom (K) and they've always been a hit! See how I lay them out so I'm ready for anything HERE!

Buyers say: "FINALLY!!!! THIS IS FANTASTIC!!!"

"A GREAT way to work smarter not harder!!! Easiest emergency sub plans ever!!!!"

"As a parent of young kids, it is so nice to know I have amazing sub plans set up in case I need to be out. What a huge time saver. Thank you!!"

"Very thorough plans. I love that I can simply print and copy and I'm ready for a sub. I appreciate all the hard work that shines through this resource."