Social Problem Solving & Conflict Resolution Ideas : Posters, Book, &/or Lesson

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Help your student master their own conflict resolution and boost their social skills with this thoughtfully designed social problem-solving resource! It includes eye-catching illustrations & kid-friendly text and is perfect for using as a lesson, book, posters, or all 3!


• What a ”small problem” is and examples of common ones that happen in class

• The importance of calming down first (if needed) before trying to fix things

• Size of the problem vs size of reaction

• How to name the problem and start thinking of solutions

 Practical real-life solutions kids can easily use right away in class:

  • Say how you feel and LISTEN to each other.
  • Tell them to stop.
  • Share & take turns.
  • Make a win-win deal.
  • Walk away. Go play something new.

• What to do if your first attempt at solving the problem doesn’t work.

• What to do if you have a “bigger problem” and examples of what those might be (very

generally, like “someone is hurt,” “something is dangerous,” etc.)

This resource can be:

• printed as beautiful, easy-to-read and reference classroom posters

• put in page protectors to use as a resource book or

• used to help guide an SEL lesson about conflict resolution among peers


After teaching primary grades for over 2 decades and seeing kids dealing with the same small problems year after year, I am confident this resource will be a SUPER HELPFUL reference for my students ...and yours, too!