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Did you know the first 100 Fry words make up over 50% of any general text? They just keep popping up all the time in our writing and reading… that’s why we call them POPCORN words! 
Use this pack to simply teach them in order of frequency and watch your students learn their words faster than EVER!


These Popcorn Word Power Packs contain 93 of the most common words your students will encounter. 

Words are arranged in order... beginning with the most frequently occurring words first (including 78 of the first 100 Fry words and well over half of the beginning Dolch words). They come organized month by month so you can introduce 2-3 new words per week/10-11 new words per month. This zipped file contains everything you need for the entire school year... there's a pack for each month! 

See how this project turned out in my class!! You'll LOVE it!!!

Words included are: 
month 1: I, am, a, at, an, go, to the, this, is my
month 2: see, me, can, we, up, look, and, like, will, you
month 3: do, it , how, has, had, in, on, big, be, his
month 4: run, as, would, are, here, come, have, one, happy, new
month 5: he, she, said, with, him, her, some, them, for, all, so
month 6: little, not, love, from, they, went, of, into, was, what
month 7: there, where, what, that, way, fun, play, time, word, but
month 8: then, put, make, out, over, more, use, other, if, were, about
month 9: two, by, many, yes, or, no, their, each, very, which 

I hope this resource gives your Kindergarteners the powerful PUNCH they need to get excited about storing these frequently occurring words into their memories! If they can master these words, it’s sure to give them a huge advantage in their reading and writing!

And for YOU, teachers, one of my main goals is to make things as simple, organized, and hassle-free as possible! I hope this packet gives you a lot of what you would be looking for to go along with your popcorn word routine all in one, convenient, cohesive package! 

For example, you’ll find three different versions of the complete list of popcorn words… these might be great for sharing with parents at open house or conferences, for your own reference, for putting in kid’s binders, etc. Choose the style you like best! 

You’ll find TONS of great hands-on activities to give your students the practice they need to help learn their popcorn words! 

Here's what is included:

* all of the words for this month to put up on your word wall (in 2 different sizes so you can choose the one that fits your space!) 
* a bracelet for each week with the words of the week on it
* a trace, write, mix & fix, glue and color page to go along with each word (all of that on one page per word)
* a word search for the month’s words
* a word detective coloring sheet
* a roll-a-word dice game
* a really fun little “word wallet” complete with “dollars” for each popcorn word
* several assessment options… 
* one you can send home to keep parents in the loop about their child’s progress… 
* and 2 different styles of helpful tracking sheets for you so you’re able to easily view & use student data to drive your teaching.

To get a sneak peek of what these look like, check out the preview!! :) OR if you REALLY want a good preview, download the first month for FREE! Click here to check it out!!

BTW, as an added bonus- I'm including my collection of 16 classic word games for FREE! If you’re looking for more engaging, zero-minimal prep games and activities perfect to do with popcorn words, you can find 16 classics here 16 classic word games!!

Thanks for your support! I hope you LOVE this product as much as my students and I do!

Happy teachers are saying:

❤️ "My kinders are learning their sight words quickly! I love the fun, different ways that this pack has to teach them. Awesome!"

❤️ "I wish there was an A+ option! Absolutely love this!!! I started making my copies right away for next year. My kiddos are going to love their wallets! Thank you!!"

❤️ "LOVE this product! This is an excellent package! Activities are great and very well organized. I use it every year."

❤️ "This product is probably one of my favorites that I have purchased on TPT. It makes planning and preparation so easy."

❤️ "Thank you! My class is loving this creative way of learning sight words, very motivating!"