Sight Words Emergent Reader Books Pack #2! 5 Awesome Books!

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Looking for time-saving, hassle-free-to-print, awesome and engaging emergent reader books for your little readers? Well, here are 5 of the BEST! 


Flowing, often rhyming, predictable text comes alive with picture clues and gorgeous graphics from KPM Doodles in these 6-10 page books that kids will want to read again and again! Perfect for guided reading, Daily 5, book boxes, or sending home! 

Details on the books:

6. "Monster, Monster, What Do You See?" In the spirit of Brown Bear, Brown Bear, this new tale takes on a monster-y twist with a fun, party-style ending! Many color words are included, too. Focus on: see, me

7. "Apple Pie Story" Rhymes and yummy-ness as readers are swept up in the journey from apple seed to apple pie! Focus on: we, can

8. "Camping" Calling all adventure-seekers! "Pack up a backpack! Go in the car. Set up a tent and look up at the stars!" ... and more.. oh, but be sure to look out for bears! (kids will like the last page!) Focus on: up, look

9. "I Like Picnics" Rhythm and rhyme flow in this short, sweet story. Focus on: and, like

10. "What Will You Be?" Perfect for October/Halloween... adorable, rhyming and fun! "Will you be a dancer? Will you be a mummy? Will you be a dinosaur putting candy in your tummy?"... and more! Focus on: will, you


Other awesome teachers are saying:
"I absolutely love these emergent readers! They're adorable and kid friendly and my students love them!"

"Perfect book for my kiddos to put in their book boxes to read and practice... They love it and so do I! Thank you!"

ps- Feel free to use these books at any time or in any way that works for you, but just FYI, they pair perfectly with my Popcorn Word Power Packs (everything you need for an entire year's worth of popcorn words arranged in order of frequency- handouts, word work, assessments- it's all there! Check out the 1st month for free!) where we introduce 2-3 new words per week.