Sharks ... Zoo Animal Research Mixed w/ Authentic Literacy Practice!

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Your class will eat this resource up! ;) And you'll love the quick, daily practice they get with beginning and ending sounds, blends, digraphs, and sight words... all "cleverly disguised" as an engaging animal research project. Hahaha! Let's dive in!

This resource is a PDF file that can be printed and made into a packet for each of your students. An answer key and teaching tips are included for you, teachers. PLUS, you are get a link to the Google Slides with:
⭐️ 14 totally teacher-approved, embedded and easy to view video clips (most are about 1-3 min) that make what your students learned about each day COME TO LIFE! ✨ Learn about shark pups and then SEE them in action (without having to spend your precious teacher time surfing the internet for clips that are appropriate and interesting- I gotcha covered!). 
⭐️ Slides that reveal the answers one blank at a time so all you have to do is just discuss and flip through the show. Easy peasy and super cool! 

I like to work through the packet by doing one page a day together and following up our work with 2-3 fun video clips. The first page is a shark diagram (complete with fabulous facts about each part!). You'll guide students as they fill in each label (In my class we s-t-r-e-t-c-h out the word as a whole group and they help me figure out which letters we're hearing. As I write it on my paper, they're all writing on theirs, too.... it's super engaging.). 

Other pages include: habitat, food, babies, and fun facts. Each page includes about 10 blanks where students will (with your guidance) fill in things like: missing letter sounds (beginning and ending), simple sight words, blends, digraphs, or numbers. It's all very AUTHENTIC and IN-CONTEXT, which makes it more MEANINGFUL and FUN for everyone!!!

By the end of the 5 days, your little learners will have gained lots of great literacy practice and they'll feel like proud little shark experts! Chances are good YOU will have even learned some cool new info as well (I know I learned a lot researching and creating this project- sharks are fascinating! I worked hard to pull out truly interesting facts and not just the basic blah blah blah we've heard before). :)