President's Day! Class books about Washington & Abraham Lincoln!

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This zipped file includes everything you need to easily create:

a class book about Abraham Lincoln (in the shape of his signature stovepipe hat!)

a class book cleverly titled "The TRUTH about George Washington" (in the shape of a cherry)

(and there is also an optional additional project in the George packet...) 

Each file includes blank templates so you can have students do their own writing and illustrating, AND it also includes loads of pre-written facts so students can just create an illustration to accompany the words, if that's more appropriate for the age you teach. I teach Kindergarten, so personally, I went for the pre-written facts. 

I find they really take ownership for their fact and stick it in their memory. They love seeing the illustrations their classmates have come up with and recall a lot of their facts as well. The books are an instant, popular addition to your classroom library! 

This project is so simple and so great- you and your kids will love it! 

By the way, each book can also be purchased separately, but if you're interested in both, you can save some money by purchasing the Double Deal!

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