President's Day Activities : The TRUTH about George Washington

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This is the perfect president's day activity... actually, TWO activities! Choose one or both!

You can make a class book (shaped like a cherry!) filled with facts and illustrations about George Washington's life.


Each child can create their own smaller fact-filled cherries that can be displayed individually. 

See how this project turned out in my class!! Great pictures!

This packet includes things to do and discuss before you do the project, title and picture of George for the cover of either project, blank cherries if you want kids to write their own facts and 27 ready-to-go REALLY INTERESTING, true facts about George Washington, and of course- detailed directions for how to do each project.

Besides everything contained in this packet, all you need is a little construction paper and you've created a really cool informational project (or 2) about our nation's 1st President!

So many options! Something for everyone! Happy President's Day! Thanks for stopping by!