President's Day Activities : If I Were President Power Point Show!

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Looking for an awesome, hassle-free, "instant lesson" about President's Day? This Google Slides show is interactive and super FUN! 


This is the POWERPOINT edition of the "If I Were President" show! (It's also available here in an EDITABLE GOOGLE SLIDES EDITION: If I Were President Google Slides Show!)

This show walks you and your students through an entire lesson all about what is involved with being President of the United States! All you have to do is flip through the slides and read them aloud. Instant, awesome lesson! Inside secret: I actually created this show for a lesson when I was going to be observed by my Principal... so I went all out and tried to make it amazing!

Complete with captivating animations, learning goals and reflection, and even a link to an unlisted super cute youtube video of my class (saying what they'd do if they were President)... this show covers everything from complete details about Presidential responsibilities (in simple, easy to understand language for even your littlest learners) to all the fascinating details about the White House (Do you know how many fireplaces it has? How about bathrooms?). 

There is a $1 "If I Were President" writing page I created to coordinate PERFECTLY with this show... Here is a link if you want to check it out: If I Were President Writing Papers

This is the perfect introduction to an "If I were President..." writing activity or just a great discussion starter! You'll find it to be fun and factual without getting political. :)

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"This powerpoint is great!! Soooo fun and helpful! Really engaging!"

"Just what I was looking for! Thanks so much for a quality product at a great price!"

"This was terrific!! We had a blast with this powerpoint! My second grader learned a lot, and my 6th & 8th graders enjoyed joining in as well :) Thanks!!!"