President's Day Activities : Abraham Lincoln Class Book! SO interesting & fun!

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This sweet little packet gives you all the pages you need (including a color cover page!) to create a class book in the shape of Abraham Lincoln's famous stovepipe hat! 

See how this project turned out in my class! AWESOME!

Other teachers are saying: 
"Perfect for our social studies unit on the executive branch/Lincoln!"
"Excellent. Just what I was looking for!" 

This project couldn’t be any easier! After you’ve introduced Abe however you want (stories, videos, textbook, KWL chart, thinking map, whatever!), give each child one of the following pages and have them illustrate it! I like to have my class use pencil, then black flair pen, and finally crayon. There are 26 facts included here. You don’t need to use them all, but hopefully that’s enough for your class.

If your students are more advanced than mine, I’m also including a blank hat so they could write their own fact about Abraham Lincoln if you think that would be more on their level. You could also use the blank hats if you have more than 26 students and want to come up with a few additional facts together.

Finally, have kids cut out the hat shape (very simple- just 4 straight lines), staple all the pages together, and wah-la! There’s your book, in the shape of Abe’s hat! Enjoy! 

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