Number Sense / Subitizing : 3 - 100% Editable, 100% AWESOME Powerpoints! BUNDLE!

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Bundle Description

Welcome to a set of 100% EDITABLE, 100% AWESOME math presentations your class will LOVE and learn so much from!





You could purchase each of these presentations on their own... BUT This product gives you the most bang for buck because it includes THREE presentations for the price of only two. Each include 16 unique dot patterns for your class to analyze:

  • random dots from 1-10,
  • ten frames from 1-10, and
  • double ten frames from 10-20.


The format of each show is so thoughtfully laid out and organized that all you need to do is flip through the slides and facilitate some simple conversation. It flows beautifully. Detailed directions for the teacher and students are part of the show. It couldn't be better or more simple!


They're all completely editable: You can change the wording or fonts, change the number or arrangement of dots… it’s all yours! But it’s also totally ready to go as-is. Buy it today, use it 2 minutes later. So simple! The kids will love it and so will YOU!


You can use this presentation all at once OR break it down into several smaller sessions. It’s great as a “warm-up” for math time or as a lesson in itself.


The point of it all is we want to teach kids number sense and how to “subitize”… that means quickly looking at a number of objects and being able to tell how many it is and describe how they see it.