NEW YEARS ACTIVITIES 2019: no prep, perfect to display, simple, fun!

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This is a hassle-free, print-and-go New Year’s activity to make coming back to school smooth & simple! Perfect for displaying, memory books, and more! This resource includes everything you need:

  1. Directions to Display: step-by-step visual directions to remind kids what to do (and make your life easier!)
  2. Awesome Project: 8 personalized project pages
  3. Word Search: a simple, self-directed activity for kids to work on as they finish



  • VISUAL, STEP-BY-STEP DIRECTIONS you can display these so kids don’t need to ask you what to do- they can just look and remember! 2 options are included, depending on whether or not you want to have kids glue sequins on the hat... more info below.


  • PROJECT PAGES: 8 UNIQUE OPTIONS: 4 long-haired and 4 short-haired kids (so kids can choose the one they think looks most like them). You can show kids the “face options” page and have them select the face they think looks most like them and print the pages they choose OR just guess what kids will choose and print several of each.


  • WORD SEARCH Fun for Fast Finishers: Finally, kids can work on their own or with friends to complete a New Year’s word search (25 words, simple style prefect for K-6).




  1. Discussing & Thinking: To get kids off to a great start, you'll brainstorm some good ideas for goals kids may want to take on for the new year.
  2. Writing & Coloring: Model for them how/where to write their name and their goal. Then model what good coloring would look like. A big full page example is included to show them.
  3. Displaying the Year: You’ll give each child a strip of numbers (Years 2019-2031 are included so you should be able to do this project for MANY YEARS to come.). They can glue the strip right on …or you can show them how to cut the numbers apart and glue them on at slight playful “party style” angles in the designated spaces on top of the paper.
  4. Optional: Sequins: Once everything is written and colored, I have kids bring the paper to me and I drop small dots of glue on the 8 dots of the hat. They select 8 small circle sequins and stick them onto the glue dots. (FYI, I teach Kindergarten… you might trust older kids to do this on their own- you know your class best :) ) Then I take the paper to let it dry. Alternately, if you want to have kids just color the dots on the hat and skip the sequins, there is an alternate visual direction page for that.
  5. The Word Search: As kids finish, they pick up the word search and work on their own or with friends to find all 25 New Year's themed words.