My Lucky Day & Wolf's Chicken ... Compare/Contrast, Retelling, Sequencing, more

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This would be a great St Patrick's Day Activity... packed with skills and fun!

Your class is sure to LOVE these 2 classic picture books with surprise endings by Keiko Kasza… and YOU'LL love all the reading skills they lend themselves so beautifully to! Grab My Lucky Day and/or The Wolf's Chicken Stew from your library (you don't have to use both books unless you want to do the compare/contrast) and you have a wonderful instant, print & go lesson (or several, depending how you'd like to spread it out!).


This resource gives you everything you need for:
✅ whole group & independent sequencing with a graphic organizer for either/both stories
 comparing / contrasting the main character from each story (fox vs wolf) with an easy-to-follow graphic organizer (complete w/ answer key for you!)
✅ adorable black & white graphics kids can cut apart for retelling either/both of the stories

I created these resources to use for a formal observation this week and hope they can help other teacher's too! 

Possible Lesson Structure (just my basic ideas- but you could use this resource so many different ways!):

➊ Read Story #1: My Lucky Day☘ ... practice inferencing, questions, connections, vocabulary, etc
➋ Sequence the 4 main events whole group
➌ Do a Kahoot about My Lucky Day for vocabulary fun/discussion (If you have devices, this is a free ready-made resource online kids will LOVE! It's an interactive gameshow.)
➍ Read the 2nd story: The Wolf's Chicken Stew
➎ Sequence 4 main events with another whole group flow map
➏ As I guide them, students individually complete the double bubble map to compare and contrast the characters of Wolf and Fox.
➐ (optional) Next day: retelling