Multiplication Fact Fluency Math Game : for distance learning, homework, FUN!

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This simple math game is one of the BEST, most effective ways to grow multiplication fact fluency and math confidence. It's like a timed test, minus all the pressure. It's PERFECT for weekly homework or in-class practice. Print & go or take a screen shot and put it in Seesaw or online.

This resource includes 10 pages.

There's a page for __ x 1 facts, a page for __ x 2, and so on up to x 10.

Here is what the directions say:

"Learning to be quick with your multiplication facts will really help you do well in math! There are two ways to play this fun game. Choose the one you like best and play it the same way for 5 days. Record your score and see how FAST you can get! Ready, set… MULTIPLY!

1. Time goal: Have someone time you (using a watch, clock, timer, etc.) and see how long it takes you to solve all the facts on this list!

2. Fact goal: Set the timer for a certain amount of time (30 sec? 1 minute?) and see how many facts you can solve before the time is up!"