Monthly Reading Log Homework... Simple, Sweet, & Seasonal!

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Reading logs have taken many shapes and forms over the years, but this is a beautiful, simple, seasonal solution for all your reading homework needs! Families, kids, and teachers all love it!




All 12 months are included with 28 objects to be colored in each month to encourage children/families to read together at least most nights. Please see the preview for more details and photos.


September: Apples

October: Pumpkins

November: Turkey & Footballs

December: Stars

January: Snowman & Snowflakes

February: Hearts

March: Reading Rainbow & Stars

April: Flowers

May: Sunshine & Books

June: Books & Lightbulbs

July: Hot Air Balloon & Kites

August: Globe & Pencils


NEW: If you want the ULTIMATE solution for creating a low-maintenance, standards-based, age-appropriate homework routine, you can copy this resource back-to-back with my editable monthly homework choice boards... kids and families love these! The tasks are so interactive and FUN that kids beg to do them. They're 100% editable so you can use and personalize them however you want. I give the choice boards to everyone, but make them totally optional. I don't believe in giving 5 and 6 year olds a ton of homework (beyond just reading/ being read to)... but with the choice boards, families and kids who want "more," have it... and those who don't have time, don't feel pressure. I run all the copies for the entire year in 2 minutes and then I'm ready to roll and just hand them out at the beginning of each new month - SO SIMPLE! Check out the bundle and save $ if you're interested in this idea.


Thanks for stopping by! ENJOY this resource, follow my store if you ❤️ it, and have a beautiful school year!