Math Problem Solving Show! 100% editable word problems! 100% AWESOME!

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Looking for a simple way to make math FUN and RELEVANT for your class? This collection of 50 math word problems are guaranteed to leave your students begging for more (I've used them for many years now and seriously- they ALWAYS want MORE!) They're 100% editable so you can add your students names into the problems, change number values, edit fonts- whatever you want! 


As the show is right now, it has names of kids I know (so you don't need to do anything and could just buy it and use it immediately). But if you have a few quick minutes and want to change some names, all you'd have to do is just erase the name I put and replace it with the one you want! And the same idea goes for the numbers in the problems (if you want to make them easier or more challenging) or the topics (if you want to personalize it to highlight something you're studying right now or ??)- all of the problems are 100% editable! It's so awesome!

You could print the problems and have kids work through them individually or I include a description of how I like to use whiteboards or notebooks and work through them as a whole group. It's very, very fun, engaging, and relevant.

The show includes: 16 addition, 16 subtraction, 10 multiplication, and 8 division problems. They problems are worded so well (and the values are all editable) so that even the youngest mathematicians will be able to solve x and / problems by drawing quick pictures or using manipulatives. I promise! I've done it with both K and 1st... but since you could so easily change the numbers, I know it would work for much older students as well! We have something for everyone here! 

The beautiful thing about this is that all of the creative, time-consuming work is already done for you... just flip through, use what you want, change what you want! It's all yours.

Since there are so many problems, these could last you quite awhile. You could do one a day or (this is what always happens to me...) the kids love it so much, that they'll be begging for more so we will work through as many problems as we can with the time we have. It can also a fun Friday problem solving activity!

If you're interested at taking a closer peek, I have a preview you can sample for free (linked over there ->) with a few examples of the problems. Please note though that the preview is PDFed (which means it's NOT editable), but if you purchase the show, you get ALL 50 problems and they're all completely editable! :) Big difference. 

Thanks for looking! I hope you and your students love these problems as much as we have!


Other awesome teachers are saying:

"This will save me hours of work in writing CGI math problems! Thank you!"

"My students are going to love this!"

"I love that I can edit the slides:-)"

"I can't wait to use this with my class! It's exactly what I've been looking for."

"What a great way to make story problems "relevant"!"