Literacy Centers Organization Kit . 59 Options . Simple Management . FUN!

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Looking for a classroom-tested, super simple way to manage your literacy centers? How to do that well is a question I wrestled with for YEARS. I've tried all kinds of rotations and plans... and this one is my favorite! It's super low-maintenance and makes it EASY for you to keep kids engaged in meaningful work while you're freed up to meet with guided reading or small groups!

Grab this "Literacy Centers Organization Kit" and you get 59 cards for different center options, editable cards for you to add your own text and pictures, editable cards for you to type in student's names, ideas on how things could be organized (the possibilities are endless though! Use the cards in any way you want... magnets, pocket charts, whatever works for you!), experienced teacher tips, and more! 

Please check out the preview for more details and pictures of ALL 59 card options! Cards are each 2.5 inches tall and 3.33 inches wide. They come with 9 identical cards on each page (like an entire page of 9 magnetic letter cards) so you can save paper and ink and print only the centers you want to use.

Remember you can make your own on the editable powerpoint pages, too.
(*s indicate that this is also a resource you can buy in my TPT store if you are hunting for printables and ideas for word work or write the room!)

Word Work
Magnetic Letters*
Monster Maker*
Text It To Me*
Magic Words*
Rainbow Writing*
Making Words
Flip & Clip Cards*
Tumbling Towers
Word Wallets*
Word Search*
Bead & Read (3 options)*
Pyramid Writing*
Word Rockets*
Mystery Mail
Doodle Words
Pocket Chart
White Board
Smart Board
Work on Writing
Writing (2 styles)
Write a Story
Write a Letter
Write a Song
Write the Room* (I have a yearlong collection!)
Write a Thank You Note
Write a Valentine
Journal Writing
Listen to Reading
Read to Self (3 styles)
Buddy Reading
Partner Reading
Read to Someone
Read the Room
Book Box
Book Bin
Raz Kids
Big Books
Pattern Blocks*
Meet with the Teacher (6 styles- choose a teacher who looks most like you) :)