Kindergarten Writing Autobiography: How I Made it to Kindergarten!

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An autobiography! What a perfect introduction to a new school year… 
OR a beautiful culminating project at the end of the year… 
OR hey- why not even toss it in the middle of the school year? Writing about yourself is always a hit with young authors, right?! :)

Whatever time of year you’re using this project, you’re going to love it. I also think it will create a sweet keepsake that families will treasure for years to come! 

I’ve taught K and 1st for the past 13 years so I tried to keep this very sweet and simple by giving them a general outline, but leaving blanks for them to fill in all the juicy details. :) This book walks writers through their life, beginning with the day they were born, through life as a baby, toddler, preschooler, and... AT LAST! A Kindergartener! There are 2 pages for them to write a little about life in Kindergarten. The final page talks about what they want to be when they grow up someday. 

I love giving teachers options so I’ll suggest several ways you could use this project… it could be as simple as printing and stapling the pages together or you could go all out and make it fancy (ideas include: laminate or add clear page protectors and staple or bind the pages together, add photos, use this as a jumping off point to put work into a "bare book,"... there are so many directions you could go with this).

Also included, you'll find the parent sheet... you could send this home to help kids brainstorm and fill in the blanks from birth to pre-school. Parents can relay a quick fact to remind students of a favorite food, toy, activity, special moment, funny story, etc. My experience has been that kids do well coming up with their own information for kindergarten since it’s so recent. 

I allowed a full page for writing and a full page for illustrating. I've also included special pages you could use if you need to customize the book for students who haven't been to pre-school (instead they can write about being a "little kid") or students who don't know one of their parents (there are special pages so they can write about how mom OR dad felt when their baby was born).

I hope you and your students enjoy this project as much as I have! I think you'll love the results! Thanks for stopping by!