Kindergarten skill practice placemat: name , colors , shapes , numbers , letters

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Kids love showing what they know... Parents love knowing what to work with their child on AND having an easy, convenient way to do it... And YOU will love seeing how quickly your students master new skills when you give this placemat... everybody WINS! 

These placemats make a great "gift" for kids at Kindergarten Round-Up, open house, beginning of the year, mid-year, or end of the year. They're colorful, personalized, and packed with valuable skills!

You could send them home with your students so their families can help them work on skills OR you could even use these in your classroom. 

There are several convenient options included so you can just print what you want and be ready to go in moments ....or there is so much you have the power to EDIT and CUSTOMIZE! 

This file is clearly explained and easily editable in Powerpoint.

⭐️ You can type in your student's names

⭐️ On the front side, you can use or tweak the messages I suggest or completely personalize and edit them by adding your school name, your name, your grade (this doesn't have to be for Kindergarten!) and saying anything you want to say!

⭐️ You can choose from "Zaner Bloser" or "D'Nealian printing for the back black and white side that features numerals and letters.

⭐️ You can choose from the American or Canadian spelling of color/colour on the front colorful side.

⭐️ On the back, there are suggested tips for families like, "Read to me everyday." "Give me lots of hugs." "Discuss things with me." "Encourage me to ask questions." "Play board games and card games with me." "Tell me often that you love me." and more.... you can use my ideas OR you can edit them all to say anything you want!

Skills included (not editable) are:

✅ I can write and recognize my name.

✅ I can name these shapes: circle, triangle, square, rectangle, rhombus, hexagon, octagon, oval, heart, star.

✅ I can name these colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink, black, brown, white.

✅ Left and right

✅ I can name these numbers: 1-20

✅ I can name these letters: Upper and lowercase from A-Z in your choice of print style.


"Love these! My kiddos are practicing important skills at home!"

From me: :) "As a mom of an incoming Kindergartener, I created these skill building placemats just because I thought they'd be cool... but I became SOLD on them when I realized how easy it was for me to discover which shapes, numbers, and letters my daughter was getting stuck on (Besides the usual "tricky teens" and a few letters, there were some surprises for me! Yikes! She didn't know what a rectangle was?! Time to get serious!). ;) We kept her placemat at our kitchen table and it only took a moment for me to quiz her and work with her everyday. Seeing the placemat there reminded me to ask her about things. She's made huge progress in a short time. I knew if it was helpful for ME (as a Kindergarten teacher who's been teaching for almost 20 years), it'd definitely be useful for other parents, too! AND of course I got excited about how much it could help me as a teacher if my students and their families had an easy way to work at home, too! So I made placemats for all my incoming students and I'm sharing everything with you here so YOU can help you kids, families, and even yourself, too!"