Kindergarten Screening Assessment for Summer or Beginning of the Year

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Product Description
This is a time-tested and perfected, quick (5-7 minute) assessment tool to use to get to know your incoming Kindergarteners. You get a print-and-go version (that includes upper and lowercase letters, numbers from 0-31, name writing, counting, and a space for teacher notes) AND you also get a completely EDITABLE version (all yours to modify in Google Slides) if you want to collect different information. 

You could use this at the start of a new school year to get to know your students and where they’re at academically OR if your school is looking at doing assessments over the summer, you could use it to help create balanced classes!
✅Teacher Tips and Tricks
✅Recording Sheets (for teachers to record notes and responses)
✅Student Pages (to show kids... one for each: identifying uppercase letters, lowercase letters, and numbers)
✅a page full of stickers (you print them on labels and give them to kids as they finish the assessment with you) that say “This kid is ready for Kindergarten!”

In case you’re doing this before school officially begins and/or working towards creating balanced classes, you also get:
✅a tried-and-true rubric (again, in a cute print-and-go style as well as the editable version) 
✅tons of teacher tips to guide your scoring 
✅a page of ideas to help you consider how it might look to have kids come in over the Summer
✅an editable handout for parents so you can let them know what's coming up next (you can include things like Open House, school supplies, etc.)

I created this resource 3 years ago and my school / entire district have been using it since then with great success! We feel like it gives us really valuable information about our new students and helps us create balanced classes that WORK. This assessment is tried, tested, and true... I'm excited to share it with you!