Kindergarten Graduation Cap, Diploma, & End of the Year Celebration Ideas!

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Are you a Kindergarten or Preschool teacher looking for simple ways to make the end of your student’s school year extra special? I'm EXCITED to share all my insider-secrets for a super successful celebration- along with this great hat template and diploma- HERE!

TEACHER (and parent!) APPROVED
"Just used this for our celebration last week and oh my word-- SOOOO cute! Parents were snapping pics left and right, loving every minute. The hats were sturdy enough to take home even after several tosses in the air. :) The celebration was ideal... loved all the elements of it. I tried not to cry when I read the poem on the diploma, but had a hard time keeping it together. Many moms came up to me later and said they cried too and loved the poem SO much and were glad they'd get a copy of it on the diploma (I felt better to know I wasn't crying alone- sweet parents!) :)" 


In this packet, you’ll find:

* The kid-tested, teacher-approved, ready-to-copy graduation cap templates along with step by step directions, large photos, and thoughtful tips to guide you and your students as you create these adorable hats.

* 7 pages of detailed ideas and advice from a seasoned teacher about what you could include in an end-of-the-year celebration (tons of time-tested, creative ideas that really work well!)

* And a few diploma options to choose from: 2 for preschool, 2 for Kindergarten: 
1 includes a special poem I wrote and the other is without the poem.

In case you're curious about the poem, here is the first half of the K version (the whole poem is in the packet, but this is just a taste):
It’s hard to believe the time has come to send you to first grade. 
What an awesome year we’ve had, sweet memories we’ve made.
 You’ve grown and learned and worked so hard - it’s easy now to see… 
That you make amazing things happen! You’ll be anything you want to be!
 Remember to always have courage. Remember to always be kind...."

It's awesome!