Kindergarten Conference Sharing Sheets : 3 K-friendly options!

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This form is an awesome tool for you to use and share with families at conferences! As a teacher and mom, I have discovered over the years that a lot of what families are interested in hearing about is what their child is like at school and who they are friends with, etc. This sheet is designed to be filled out by the students and is a great, honest conversation starter between you and parents and students and their parents.


It comes in three formats to fit the unique needs of kindergarteners (check out the preview for a closer look!):

✅The first, simplest version has 4 boxes, each with a little picture to guide kids (so if you’re doing the writing whole or small group with kids who can’t read everything yet, you can say, “Find the box with a heart. In that box, write about your favorite part of the school day.” (I like to have kids try their best to get some sounds down and then tell me later what it says and I can pencil it in under their writing). This version also includes a place for them to draw a picture for their family. I use this at our first conference of the school year.

✅The second version has 8 boxes so there are more things to write about and you still get the little pictures to help guide kids.

✅The third version just has numbered questions and lines for kids to fill in the blanks.