Inauguration Day Activity! If I Were President Writing Papers

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Teaching about President's Day or the Election and need some sweet writing papers?  You've come to the perfect place!



You'll find THREE different options here that make it simple for you to find just the right fit for your writers. Check out the pictures in the photos. I call them:

➊ Lots of littler lines (good for around 1st/2nd grade and up?)

➋ Fewer fatter lines (good for around K/1st and up?)

➌ Simple half sheet sentence completion (good for pre-K and K?)


I've used both options 2 and 3 in my Kindergarten classroom with GREAT success! I usually pair this with a cute Pinterest-y American flag craft (tons to choose from!) and hang them in the hall either in November for Election Day or in February for Presidents. They also make a great portfolio/memory piece families will adore and want to keep.


If you want a truly awesome, hassle-free, "instant lesson" I want you to know you can grab an editable Google Slides show OR Powerpoint show that were created to coordinate perfectly with this writing paper. You literally just click through the presentation, read it a loud and discuss with students. Kids love the animations and engaging info! It also includes cute, brief videos of students sharing their ideas about what THEY would do if they became President. There are even prompts in the show where you can pause to give kids time to write about (on these papers!) what they think! I totally recommend this lesson and do it every year... an I've also used it a couple times for observations/evaluations. 

You'll find these to be fun and factual without getting political. :)



Check out what other teachers are saying:

❤️"This helped my 3rd graders write the cutest paragraphs about being president. Thank you!"

❤️"LOVE THIS! My firsties had so much fun imagining themselves as president ;)"

❤️"I use this every year! Many thanks!"

❤️"Just what I needed for my election unit! Thank you!!!"