I am Thankful For ... Pack of 5 Print & Go Thanksgiving Activities

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There are so many options here for fun, simple ways to encourage an attitude of gratitude in your students... around Thanksgiving or anytime of year! You can do ALL of these or just pick your favorite to do with your class. Any of them would look great hanging up in the hall or on a bulletin board. The family pages would be sweet for kids to give as a gift to their family over Thanksgiving break. So many possibilities!

Here is what's included:

* 2 options for writing about why they’re thankful for their family and drawing a family portrait (families would LOVE this!) I usually have kids draw with pencil, trace with flair pen or sharpie and then color it in with crayons or colored pencils.

* 1 page that is more open ended for writing about who/what/anything they’re thankful for with space to draw a picture. This would also look great drawn, traced, and colored in as described above.

* 1 page where they can fill in several things they’re thankful for: a special person, a favorite food, a special place, and something they can do.
I page where kids can brainstorm a list of things they’re thankful for from A-Z!
Any of these would look SO awesome alongside this directed drawing activity: Turkey Directed Drawing!