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Just add a few props & let the fun begin!



This resource is created to make it super simple for you to give your students an eye-catching, educational, and imaginative play experience! A Home Center is one of the most practical, popular dramatic play centers and many teachers leave it up all year. Print (laminate if you want) and enjoy these components:

A ”To Do List” that sparks ideas for kids on what they can do around the “home” like clean, take pictures, cook food, feed the pets, take care of the babies, read books, write notes, go shopping, call people, and do homework.

Grocery Shopping Lists that come in color or black and white and have pictures to match the words as well as space for kids to write in their own additions to the list.

An “Open” and “Closed” Sign: I laminate this so “closed” is on one side and “open” is on the other. I punch a hole in the top and hang this from a little hook so kids can tell when the center is available.

Colorful Nametags in both large and small sizes that can fit into name badge holders or be made into necklaces for: mom, dad, brother, sister, grandma, grandpa, cousin, aunt, uncle, neighbor, baby, and pet.

“Home Sweet Home” Sign with a wooden picture frame border to help decorate your “home.”


A Phone Book full of popular places kids will want to call and talk to like: pizza delivery, police and fire, doctor’s office, tech support (haha), school, (and more!) and also popular people like all the people there are nametags for, as well as a few fun fictional characters like Little Red Riding Hood, 3 Little Pigs, 3 Bears, Goldilocks, the Big Bad Wolf, and Santa.I also included 8 pages with only fake phone numbers on them and a blank spot for you to glue in environmental print you’ve cut out from ads or printed from online for kids to recognize and “read” (fun ideas here might be well-known restaurants like McDonald’s, stores or businesses with recognizable symbols like Target, and maybe even your school!)

A Microwave: window, display, and cute keypad you can cut out and tape onto a cabinet or box.

A Place Setting (placemat, plate, napkin, silverware)... print as many as you want.

67 Labels to create a more print-rich environment and also let kids know where things belong.

A Helpful List of Simple Props and Supplies You COULD Include: They may be things you already have around your classroom or home or things you could ask families if they'd like to donate (because they may have them sitting around, too!).

❤️Your class will absolutely LOOOOOVE playing house with the tools included here.

Play is the work of childhood... let your kids get to "work", without making a lot of work for yourself! :)