Graduation Kids! Adorable End of the Year Writing Project!

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If you're looking for an adorable end of the year project, you need to check this out! These graduation kids make a fabulous project and/or hallway display that will be the perfect addition to your celebration!


Included in this packet, you’ll find detailed instructions, all the templates you need to create the kids, and tons of writing paper options specifically for Preschool, Kindergarten, and 1st grade (5 for each grade level and the years are already updated through 2025 for you!)! 

So let’s dive in! First, the can make them into tracers on cardstock for kids to do their own tracing or just run them through your copy machine on colored construction paper (that’s what I like to do!) and have kids do the cutting and gluing. Gowns, hats, tassels, and shoes can be any color you want... traditional black, school colors, or even give kids options and let them choose their favorite colors.

For the writing paper, I love giving teachers tons of options! 
Scroll through and find the one you like best! Some have a spot for their name, some are fill-in-the-blank, some are just blank- you pick and then glue it in the center of the graduation kid. On the ones that say “I’ll always remember...” you can steer kids toward remembering a special moment from your year (like “I’ll always remember our field trip to the aquarium!”) OR it can be about something memorable they learned (like “I’ll always remember how to count by 10s!”). Encourage kids to color the border and year to make it extra awesome. 

Have fun! I’m sure they’ll be ADORABLE!!! 


Other awesome teachers are saying:
"This turned out to be the cutest craft we did all year!"

"These turned out so cute! Everyone stopped in the hall to read what the kids wrote. Great project for the end of our year!"

"The superintendent of our school system came into my room to compliment me on these at the end of the school year."