Gingerbread Challenge Digital Activity : 3 games in 1 : math, writing, & FUN!

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❤️1. Help the gingerbread man safely run away from all 6 of the people & animals chasing him!

❤️2. Help the gingerbread man collect all 8 items he needs to build his dream house!

❤️3. Help the gingerbread man find all 10 of the big candy buttons he lost!

Play all three challenges in person or virtually! You could spread them out across your gingerbread week(s) or pop them in any time you want. Every time they play, students are getting practice with number writing, number identification, counting, teamwork, problem solving, and of course - having FUN!


This resource includes TONS of OPTIONS to meet your unique needs.


Each challenge comes with 3 recording sheets (see preview). You don’t NEED to use ANY of them, but no matter which challenge you choose, there are 24 gingerbread to look under. You’ll want to keep track of which #s you’ve clicked on so here are ideas:

  • Print one recording page with numbers typed on it to share as a class and cross them off as they’re chosen. You could be in charge of it and share it with the class by holding it up or putting it under a doc cam, etc.
  • Have students write #s 1-24 on one of the included recording sheets. You get pages with 24 blank boxes or 24 dotted trace-able #s to guide them. If you’re virtual and can’t get a recording sheet to them in time (like me!), just have them write #s 1-24 on a paper or white board. This would be GREAT number writing practice (if that’s appropriate for the age/stage you teach?)!
  • Are your kids not ready to write, but you still want them to work on number ID? There’s a recording page you can print for them with numbers pre-printed and they can just cross numbers off as they're called.


  • W H O L E G R O U P : You can get your whole class involved and let everyone take turns choosing gingerbread. Work together to complete the challenge. Depending on the ages and skills of your students, they can each have their own recording sheet or they can just write numbers 1 - 24 on a white board and/or you can share one recording sheet under a doc cam. I’m using these challenges as a fun activity during our morning meetings!
  • I N D I V I D U A L : You can tell students how to play, give students an appropriate recording sheet (there are 3 differentiated options), send them the game link and let them work on in themselves. It would make sense as a math activity …or even just for fun.


  • I N P E R S O N : This would obviously be great I'm sure you can imagine what it would look like.
  • V I R T U A L L Y : This would also be great (and it’s how I’m using it!). You can share your screen and let children take turns choosing gingerbread. My students won’t have the recording sheets so I’m having them write 1-24 on white boards at home. Then they can erase numbers as they’re picked. I will be in charge of keeping track of how close we are to completing the challenge (like how many big candy buttons we’ve collected or how many people/animals we’ve run away from, or how many ingredients we’ve collected.)