Geoboard Task Cards and Recording Sheets . Shapes . Math Centers . FUN!

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Your creative mathematicians will LOVE the big ideas presented on these task cards!


These task cards deliver all the important basics you’ll find in most math curriculums (various triangles, squares, rectangles, rhombus, hexagon, octagon, pentagon, trapezoid, and star) and then go above and beyond to help young students see what other amazing designs they can make- all just by simply using and twisting the shapes they know! 21 design ideas are included across 7 thoughtfully organized pages.

It takes higher level thinking to recreate the design as shown in the picture, but kids will enjoy the challenge and stretch their brains to be successful. This is consistently a favorite math station with my kindergarteners and it should work well for older or younger students as well. 

Five recording sheet options are included if you want students to record their tasks (3 for 5x5 boards and 2 for 9x9). Check out the preview to see all the recording sheets and task cards! Have fun!

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