Fabric ... a science journal w/ links to video clips ... can go w/ or w/o Foss

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Make learning about fabric awesome and memorable (for kids) and keep it simple and organized (for you)! Win-win!

This resource is a PDF file that can be printed and made into a packet for each of your students. An answer key and teaching tips are included for you, along with examples and specific directions for what to do on each page. 

You'll also receive a link to the Google Slides Edition of this resource (compatible with any device and packed full of coordinating video clips and slides that make teaching these lessons a breeze! More details below.).

I like to work through the packet by doing one page a day together. Each page poses a question for kids that they'll answer. Check out the preview for a complete look at the table of contents and details about each page:

How are fabrics different?
What are fabrics used for?
How else do fabrics differ?
How is fabric made?
How do you weave?
How do you sew fabric?
What happens when water gets on fabric?
How does dirty fabric get clean?
How does fabric get colored?

PLUS... you also get:
⭐️ 15 totally teacher-approved, easy-to-view YouTube video clips (most are about 1-3 min- perfect for little attention spans) that make what your students learned about each day COME TO LIFE! See how one artist creates fabric collages, take a trip to a fabric store with a clothing designer, learn 2 types of simple sewing stitches. Let your students SEE it all up close and personal (without having to spend your precious teacher time surfing the internet for clips that are appropriate and interesting- been there, done that, and I gotcha covered! There are SO MANY AMAZING vids linked here!). 

By the end of the 9 days, your little learners will feel like fabric experts and have such a cool keepsake of all their learning in the journal they created! 

If you teach FOSS science, this can totally go with your unit (and would probably really simplify and streamline things for you!)! If you don't teach FOSS Science, this will still absolutely work for you because I give you so many teaching tips and ideas. 

If your school doesn't supply materials for science units, I'm including a list of materials that you'll want to gather so your kids can have a really beautiful hands-on experience (the list is shown in the preview if you download it). Nothing too crazy. It should be simple to collect.

If you dig this concept (the packets and video links), I also have science units about trees and animals 2x2 as well as similar packets about 10 different zoo animals (they are jam-packed with fascinating info and have a strong emphasis on giving kids authentic opportunities to practice their literacy skills) - check them out! HERE: Zoo Animal Research Bundle!

Thanks for stopping by! ENJOY this resource, follow my store if you ❤️ it, and have a beautiful school year!