EDITABLE Monthly Homework Solutions BUNDLE!

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Bundle Description

These two products are an awesome bundle because they're perfect for copying back-to-back and sending home with students once a month! VERY low-maintenance for you and the perfect happy balance for families and kids! You're asking them to read most days and also giving them creative, standards-based, age-appropriate tasks to do if they WANT MORE to do at home. You can make the homework tasks optional or required- do whatever best fits your school requirements, personal beliefs and family/student needs. You are free to edit EVERYTHING on the homework page, including the instructions, so you can customize it however you want to.


Each month includes unique academic tasks in these fun categories:

  • reading
  • sight words
  • science and nature
  • get moving
  • listening
  • writing
  • creating
  • kindness
  • gratitude
  • shape search
  • counting
  • responsibility
  • music
  • let's chat (conversation starters for kids to practice speaking and listening skills and also build relationships) and
  • on the road (life-skill memorization tasks like learning your address or your parent's phone number).

On the reading pages, kids color in a seasonal object each time they read. Nothing complicated- just straight to the point and great accountability.


I just copied these two resources back-to-back for the entire school year in about 2 minutes (1 page per child per month). It feels awesome knowing ALL the homework for the entire school year is ready for me to just grab and send home at the start of each new month. I hope this resource helps you feel more prepared and organized, too! I know your families will LOVE the meaningful tasks and simple, practical format.