Distance Learning Daily & Weekly Lesson Plan Templates & Stickers! Google Slides

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Delivering distance learning in an ORGANIZED, CLEAR format for learners to follow on their own can be complicated… but it doesn’t need to be!

This easy-to-edit resource (in Google Slides) can be a total life-saver to both YOU and your students during eLearning. You get:

 90 beautiful stickers that cover school subjects, meeting elements, Seesaw pieces, numbers (for breaking tasks into steps), and even blank editable icons you can add your own words and/or pictures to. Check out the preview for a peek at all the eye-catching options!

 A clear, simple, editable one-page template for delivering daily lessons to students via PDF, Google Classrooms, Seesaw, Email, and more!

 An editable one-page template that beautifully lays out your week at a glance. It’s perfect for students, to use as a newsletter for families and/or admin, and/or to get you and your teaching team organized and on the same page (literally!)

 FAQs about Seesaw and lightening the load during distance learning

 6+ Pages of sanity-saving tips, tricks, and bright ideas for using Google Slides, complete with pictures to help! Whether you’ve NEVER used Google Slides before or you’re pretty familiar with it, you’ll learn all about:

  1. Personalizing your slides (with color, fonts, icons, personalized pictures, tools, and editing tips).
  2. How to EASILY turn your Google Slide into a PDF with clickable links that will take kids right to the videos or websites you want them to view. You can even link straight to Seesaw activities using this template!
  3. How to create and save your teaching videos in a way that makes them safely accessible for students