Dental Health Puppets for healthy, happy teeth

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Product Description
Looking for the perfect activity to compliment a great dental health unit? Search no further because here it is!

I like to read a good dental health story, watch a video, or even invite a real dentist to visit the classroom and then follow it up with this cute, simple project! 

Your students will love it and you will, too!

This file contains full color photos and detailed directions complete with experienced teacher tips to help you set your students up for success! 

Not only is it cute and fun on the front, but the best part is that the BACK of the puppet contains space for kids to write down the top 4 steps to healthy, happy teeth and the words to a meaningful song that they can sing to the familiar tune of Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star!

There are 3 different options for this back page. One has everything typed up for kids so all they need to do is glue it on. Another guides students to fill in the blanks with the sight words and letters needed to complete the info (like "___ ___ ___ dentist" and "bru__" for "go to the dentist" and "brush"). The third option is 4 blank spaces for kids to come up with and write their own steps. Choose whichever works best for your class!

Everything you need is ready to print and go! If you have brown paper lunch bags, you could totally do this TODAY! Your kids will love it and so will you!