CVC Activities for the Pocket Chart, Table, & Floor! Build, Read, Write, Match

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This is an awesome resource your class is sure to love (and you will, too!) when they’re learning to read, write, and build CVC words. It supplies you with several weeks worth of great options for stations, centers, choice time, and would work beautifully for partners, small groups, or your whole group.


Do some basic prep (print, laminate, cut) and you’ll end up with a kid-friendly collection of interactive cards designed to fit easily into little hands and any type of pocket chart. The cards would also work perfectly on the floor or any table/counter space- whatever you have will work GREAT!



✅12 words with bright, colorful illustrations for EACH vowel = a total of 72 CVC words and so much you can do with each of them!

✅Every card is discreetly LABELED with the vowel set it belongs to to help keep you super organized.

✅Light lines are at the bottom of each letter card so kids know which direction they are meant to go.

✅Differentiated recording sheets

✅Differentiated word building cards

✅Learning targets and title cards are included for each activity.

✅Differentiated matching cards





1. BUILD the CVC Words: Students look at the available letter options and slide the one missing letter into it’s place on each card. Each vowel comes with 12 CVC words and students have to fill in the beginning sound on 4 of them, the middle sound on 4 of them, and the ending sound on 4. Another more advanced way the kids could build CVC words would be to use the selection of loose letters to build the word from scratch. There are pictures to go along with all 72 words and .they come in two differentiated options: with or without the actual word typed on the picture card (so kids can basically copy from the card or try to figure it out on their own. (Check out the pictures on the next page to see what that looks like.)


2. MATCH the CVC Word to the Picture: Words are also all typed up so kids can try to match the word card to its corresponding picture. They could play it like “Memory” or just see if kids can line them up together.


RECORDING OPTIONS: There are differentiated black and white recording sheets for every vowel that fit hand-in-hand with the activities. You can choose the one that works best for your kids (or do the easier version one week and the more challenging version the next week!). On one, they just have to fill in the one letter missing from each word and on the other, they have to write the whole CVC word next to the matching picture.