Conference Forms ... EDITABLE in Google Slides or Powerpoint

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Product Description

These forms are the perfect tool to help you ROCK your conferences this school year!


Your purchase includes three fully EDITABLE pieces:

  • a simple, helpful schedule
  • a detailed, two-sided score reporting form for you to share scores, show progress over time, and inform families about beginning, mid-year, and end-of-the-year goals. This is ideal for guiding conversation throughout each conference.
  • a brilliant, two-sided resource to empower families and gift them with TONS of no-prep, super practical ideas for how they can work on skills at home


Everything is EDITABLE in both Google Slides and Powerpoint. Both links are included with this purchase so you can choose to work in the program you prefer.


More details:


  • ALL tables and texts within them are completely open to being changed and re-formatted any way you choose- change the fonts, number of columns, numbers, text, etc. It's all yours. They ARE pre-filled with the measurements and ideas I use to get you off to a running start (no starting from scratch for you!) and it's all yours to personalize.


  • The black headings (see preview) are set in place and not technically editable, HOWEVER... I've provided white boxes you can drag over the top of them to make it VERY EASY if there's anything you want to cover up or change. So basically it is all 100% editable, but a FEW things just have to be covered up, rather than re-typed and I tried to make it all really simple for you.


  • Different headings are also included so you can make it say, "Kindergarten Conferences" or "First Grade Conferences" by simply sliding the picture/text I give you over top of what's already there. You can easily add your own text box to make things say ANYTHING you want them to... like Pre-School Conferences? Second Grade Conferences? No problem!