Bucket Filling Kit! Great @ Valentine's Day, to build community, teach kindness

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This is one of my favorite little activities to have going on in my classroom because it’s awesome for building a sense of community and kindness! It empowers kids with a simple way to do something really sweet for one another and let’s them feel how GOOD it feels to make someone smile! 

It's perfect for kicking off around Valentine's Day when you're thinking about love and friendship and would be awesome to start and use ANYTIME during the school year!

Here is what happens:

Put out a bucket and a stack of the bucket filling slips (included).

Whenever kids have free time (in the morning or when they finish work early or ??) they can grab a slip and fill it out for a friend in the class. They don’t announce it- just quietly fold up the slip and pop it in the bucket. Teach them to write SPECIFIC ideas, not just “you’re cool.” or “I like you.” Starter ideas are included later in this packet and you could post them by the bucket.

At the end of the day (or whenever you have a spare minute during the day- doesn’t even have to be daily- it could be weekly or ?) you gather everyone around, open the bucket, pull out slips, and you read them aloud. 

If a child receives a slip, teach them to look the giver in the eye and say “Thank you, ______!” The giver should look them in the eye and say “You’re welcome, _______!” There will be LOTS of smiles here! Buckets filled all around! Give the slip to the recipient to keep.

The packet also includes a few more ideas for how to manage this.

It's EASY, FUN, and very rewarding!

Happy bucket filling! Thanks for looking!