Brain Breaks! Using movement & exercise in class to get the BEST out of kids!

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Did you know physical activity is linked to better grades, more on-task behavior, less fidgeting, higher math fluency, less disruptions and social problems, a quieter class, better attendance, and greater cooperation, attitude, motivation, self control, memory, and attention? Sign me up for a class like that, right?!! :) 

Did you know the brain can only focus for about 15 minutes or take in 3-4 chunks of information before it needs a little time off to process, organize, & consolidate information?

This packet is the result of months of research (I wrote my masters thesis on it- eeek!) and years of practice and experience! It highlights the latest studies, explaining in simple terms HOW and WHY movement helps kids learn so you can really have a basis for what you're doing.

THEN, here's the best part (imo): you'll find 52 specific, very simple (little or no prep or materials needed), FUN activities you can do in class to boost energy and reinforce content! You can put them into practice today! Your kids will love it, you'll love it... this has the power to dramatically change your class for the better! It's a win-win situation!

Check it out! Thanks for looking!!