Beginning of the Year Friendship Bracelet Poem | simple, sweet gift | mail it

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If you’re looking for a sweet little gift to welcome your students at the beginning of the school year, this is it! Simply print & add a friendship bracelet (you could make your own or order something like this from Amazon for CHEAP – 144 bracelets for ~$1O) and you’re all set!

Options are included so your poem can talk about:

✅ONE friendship bracelet or MORE THAN ONE (since you can buy so many, you might send a few.

✅“learning at home and at school” or have that part is taken out

Poems come 4 to a page and measure about 3.8 inches tall x 5 inches wide.

You can mail these or deliver them in person. Your students will love to receive this thoughtful, wearable gift from their teacher!

Wishing you a bright, beautiful school year!!!

Love, Katie from HOWYWOOD Kindergarten