Bears in the Cave! Build number sense w/ this FUN math game!

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On the hunt for a fun, simple, yet POWERFUL math game? This is for you!

"Bears in the Cave" is a classic math game perfect for your average pre-school, Kindergarten, and 1st grade friends. Through playing this game, they'll really grow their number sense and understanding around the all-important anchor numbers of 5 and 10!

In this file, you’ll find:
* Full color photos, detailed directions, and expert advice about how to make this as easy and awesome as possible!

*2 different game boards... one with a 5 frame and another with a 10 frame for 2 exciting levels of play!

*more styles of game boards so you have the option of having kids record their solutions or not.... so simple! Just print and go!

Research shows that if students are really able to get their brains around important "anchor numbers" like 5 and 10, their number sense will soar!

The Basic Idea:
Students play with a buddy. You give them the cute game board you've chosen for them along with 5 or 10 objects to serve as the "bears" (could be pennies, cubes, whatever you have on hand) and something simple to serve as the cave (upside down bowl, cup, paper plate, brown bag- anything works!) and then teach them how to play... it's SUPER simple and SO fun because it involves closing their eyes and trying to solve the mystery of how many bears are hiding in the cave! It's SO fun that kids don't even think it's "math!"

ALL the details and photos are included so you know how to set them up for success.

This makes a great in-class game, a fun game to send home for more practice, and a wonderful math station for the future!