April Writing Journal . Print & Go . Personalized Goals . Engaging Prompts

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I LOOOOOVE using these in my class and know you will, too! I’ve been so impressed with how much my kids have grown as writers since we’ve added this simple routine to our day. 


Prompts for 21 days of school: thought provoking, some that are fun & seasonal (Arbor Day, April Fool's, Spring), and all intentionally chosen to be perfect for young writers, you and your students will love having the entire month all planned out. Check out the preview for a peek at some of what's included. Print the pages, pick and choose the ones you'd like to use, put them in the order you want and copy a journal for each child. You'll be all prepared for an entire MONTH of writing in no time! 

 Developmentally appropriate writing pages with clear space for a picture and light writing lines. Please note, they are straight lines and not handwriting-style lines.

✅A very detailed, helpful page of all my tried and true teaching tips on topics like how the writing routine runs in my classroom (What do kids do when they finish? How do I meet with them each individually about their goals? Which goals do I choose for kids? and more!), and how I plan out the month and prep for the whole month in just a short, simple amount of time.

Blank Goal Sheets (totally optional for you to include in student's journals) to be used as an easy way for you to personalize which skills you'd like your young writers to work on. Do they need to work on: adding spaces between words... using lowercase letters in the middle of words ... including punctuation ... or even things like believing in their ability to hear sounds in words ... or make a smart choice about where they sit to get their work done? (more ideas are included on the teaching tips page) 
Whatever kids need, this form makes it SIMPLE for you to help hold them accountable to tracking their goals. The growth you'll see will amaze you! And as funny as this sounds to say- I'll tell you- I feel like SUCH AN AWESOME TEACHER when we're doing this journal writing routine because I know my kids are getting effective daily writing practice and being challenged on a level that's "just right" for them! Try it out and you'll see what I mean!

Happy writing!